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On-site Registration Desk

On-site Registration Desk

1. Overview

  • Online registrants must present the “Invoice and Registration Confirmation” to the on-site registration desk to confirm registration.

  • ‘Invoice and Registration Confirmation’ can be downloaded and printed from the ‘Overview’ tab after logging in.

  • Name, affiliation, and country are printed on the name badge.

  • If you wish to register on-site, please fill out the ‘On-Site Registration Form’ or submit your business card to the registration desk, and pay the on-site registration fee in Korean Won by credit card or cash.

  • All attendees are requested to wear the namebadge throughout the WORTH-10 period.

  • If you lose your name badge, you can get it reissued at the registration desk. However, the lunch coupon attached to the name badge cannot be reissued.

2. Registration Desk Information

     * The registration desk locations on the 26th and 27th are different. (check Floor Plan)

  • November 26 (Sun)

                - Location: Udo Hall Lobby (2F), Ramada Plaza Jeju

                - Operating hours: 13:30 ~ 18:00

  • November 27 (Mon)

                - Location: Tamna Hall Lobby (8F), Ramada Plaza Jeju

                - Operating hours: 08:00 ~ 15:00

3. Registration Process

  • Step 1: Present the "Invoice and Registration Confirmation" to the registration Desk.

  • Step 2: WORTH-10 secretariat checks your registration status.

  • Step 3: Receive your namebadge.

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