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Welcome to WORTH-10

It is our pleasure to invite you all to Jeju, Korea for the 10th Korea-China Workshop on Nuclear Reactor Thermal-Hydraulics (WORTH-10).


Korea and China, among others, have rapidly developing nuclear programs, and are well recognized as outstanding nuclear countries. In addition. with geographic proximity, cooperative efforts between the two countries were actively sought. In 2001, as a result, the Joint Committee on Nuclear Energy (JCNE) between both Governments was established, and a series of joint workshops in the nuclear thermal-hydraulic field were agreed with the intention of facilitating the cooperation activities between KAERI and NPIC, and XJTU who joined later on. The objectives are to bring together researchers and designers from industries, laboratories and academia to present the state-of-the art technologies, to exchange their expertise and experiences, and to further stimulate their research activities.


WORTH-10 is a continuation of the outstanding WORTH series from 2003. WORTH-10 will include 2 plenary lectures and 6 keynote speeches and the technical program of 9 subjects in nuclear thermal-hydraulics and safety from the fundamental to advanced reactor technologies, especially for challenges in SMRs. We also have two special events planned for facilitating information exchange and human networking among the participants. The Student Seminar will provide an opportunity between young researchers and engineers in the next generation and the CNS RETH-KSFM NuTF Joint Seminar will provide an opportunity focusing on thermal-hydraulics of fluid machinery for nuclear application including challenging topics related to SMRs.


WORTH-10 will be a professionally productive and personally enjoyable opportunity to stimulate long-lasting friendship between the Korean and Chinese experts in the fields of nuclear reactor thermal-hydraulics and safety. Therefore, we hope that you wouldn’t miss this chance.


We are looking forward to seeing you all in Jeju!

Dong-Wook JERNG (鄭桐旭)

General Chair, WORTH-10

Chung-Ang University

Seoul, Republic of Korea

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