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Guidelines & Online Registration


  • All participants wishing to participate in WORTH-10 must complete online registration and payment of the registration fee.

  • Online registration is only possible through the WORTH-10 website.

  • Registration by e-mail or fax is not possible.

  • All registrations are made by individuals in principle, and a separate online registration URL or group registration form for group registration is not provided.

  • Those who have paid the registration fee can check and print the receipt in the 'Overview' tab after logging in to the system.

Registration Fee & Policy

Member: Member registration fees apply to KNS and CNS individual members.

** Student:

  • At the time of online registration, students who are pursuing a bachelor's, master's or doctoral course can register under "Student Registration".

  • In the online registration process, to register in the “Student” category, you must upload a copy of your student ID or equivalent supporting documents (such as a confirmation letter from the professor in charge) to register.

  • Student ID or proof of enrollment must be issued in English.​

Registration Fee includes:

Payment Method

  • The registration fee must be paid in one of the following ways and you can choose one of the options during the online registration process.

  • Payment must be completed within two weeks of completing your online registration.

  • If it is difficult to transfer money within 2 weeks of registering online, please contact the secretariat in advance.

Option 1. Credit Card

  • The following credit cards will be accepted: VISA, MasterCard, JCB, AMEX, and Union Pay.

  • All credit card fees are borne by the registrant.

  • Actual payment amount may fluctuate depending on exchange rates.

  • The merchant’s name on the credit card statement is 'Eximbay'.

Option 2. Wire Transfer

  • All bank transfer fees are the responsibility of the registrant.

  • For bank transfer, the name of the sender and the registrant must be the same.

  • If the name of the registrant and the sender are different, please write the name and registration number of the registrant on the copy of the remittance certificate and send it to the secretariat at

  • Bank information

Cancellation Policy


  • Requests for deregistration to be valid must be submitted via email ( secretariat.

  • All refunds will be made after the conference for administrative reasons.

  • All bank and administration fees will be deducted from the refund amount before transfer.

  • Cancellation policy

Invoice & Receipt

  • Invoices and receipts are automatically created when you complete online registration.

  • After logging in, click 'Invoice and Registration Confirmation' in the ‘Overview’ tab to print your invoice and receipt.


  • Certificate of attendance can be issued on 'Overview' one week after the conference.

Visa & K-ETA

  • People arriving at ports of entry in Jeju without a visa for travel and transit.

  • Period of Stay/ Permitted Areas of Travel / Range of Activities Allowed: 30 days / Jeju

  • Condition of Permission: You must use a direct international flight or ship to Jeju Island

  • K-ETA Application

- K-ETA eligible nationals, who wish to enter visa-free the Republic of Korea, must obtain K-ETA approval before boarding the flight or ship. Please keep in mind that the assessment can take more than 72 hours depending of the situation. Therefore, please apply for K-ETA with sufficient time.

​- For more information and guidelines, please visit K-ETA Application Guide page.

Invitation Letter for Authors

  • Follow the procedure below to download invitation letter from the website.

  1. Visit Log-in page of WORTH-10 .​

  2. After logging in, click “Invitation and Confirmation for Presenting Authors” in the "Overview” tap to download the letter.

  3. Invitation letter is provided only to authors who submitted abstract.

  • If you are not an author but need an invitation letter, you must first register and pay the registration fee and then request an invitation letter to secretariat at

​* 국내 카드 결제는 카드 번호를 모두 입력 후 자동으로 국문 결제 창으로 연결됩니다.

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